Who is Tracy Kentish?

Tracy Kentish is the founder of Time To Live Your Dreams.com. Tracy serves as a:  Coach & Realignment Specialist that empowers clients in letting go & being free of hurt & trauma from the past – to  ‘realign‘ their life to walk in their POWER to achieve exactly what they desire most.

Tracy custom created her own online program to support you in breaking free; as well as various other do-it-yourself Coaching tools to support clients in reaching their dreams & standing in the fullness of their authentic power.  Tracy also offers one on one Coaching & Mentoring at any time – for your business or personal growth.

Tracy is honest, sincere, committed and deeply passionate about seeing others become FREE to live their dreams & full potential! She truly wants you to win in life & she will stick by your side and see you through to the finish line. She’s investing her all into ‘you’… are you ready to make that same investment?   If yes… Sign up VIP!  And Take the self evaluation Quiz: HERE!