What is the ‘Realignment Center’ ?

Calling our website (www.timetoliveyourdreams.com) aka:  ‘The Realignment Center – is our fun and unique way to stay focused on our ultimate end goal.

Since Tracy is the first ever Realignment Specialist – the website is where she performs the ‘realignments’ – through her coaching tools.

As a Realignment Specialist, Tracy’s goal is to inspire & empower as many as she possibly can to realign & let go of the obstacles holding them back – so they can elevate higher & live their full potential.   It’s her mission to provide the tools, the training & the support for you to live your dreams & succeed!

Now – you no longer have to go through it alone!

Ready to Realign, Let it Go & Elevate?  Sign up as a VIP Partner today!  🙂