Realign & Rediscover your:

  • “Power!”
  • “Purpose!”
  • “Passion!”
  • “Dreams!”
  • “Worth!”
  • “Business/Career Goals!”
  • “True Love!”
  • “Happiness!”
  • “Freedom!”
  • “Authentic Self!”

No matter what you’ve been through – it’s time to embrace the fullness of who you are! As a Coach & Realignment Specialist, my passion is to empower you to let ‘it’ go & realign’ to your Power to live your purpose & highest potential! But first… you must identify & break ‘free’ from what’s holding you back.

You may not even be aware that anything is holding you back. But I can assure you, that if you are not fully aligned to what or ‘who’ you were born to be – something’ is. It’s possible that ‘life’ (lost, struggles, past hurt, trauma etc.) has knocked you out of alignment of your dreams! Take The Realignment Check‘ today! It’s not for your vehicle – it’s for your LIFE!

As your Coach & Realignment Specialist, I will support you in identifying and shifting some hindering beliefs; thought patterns; fears & perceptions (formed from your past) that are NO longer serving you. I will also support you in identifying your inner passions, purpose & dreams to discover your own superpowers!

My gift (or superpower) as a Coach… is my unique ability to compassionately connect & listen to the heart of a client & identify the specific obstacles holding you back – then Coach you in how to realign, let it go & live free of it – makes me a great coach for those ready to be free to rise higher & rewrite your story!

I would love the honor of being your personal Coach!  (Sign up as a VIP Partner now and receive your first E-Course, audio message & eBook – $128 value for FREE!)

        Course Categories include:

  • The Power of Letting ‘IT’ GO!
  • Living Without Labels!
  • Renew YOU! Love Your Life Now!
  • The Art of Loving Yourself!
  • The Realignment Check
  • Overcoming Past Hurt! …& MORE!

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  • Your Business Program exceeded my expectations; provided the insight I needed. Plan to sign up for Mentoring soon! I highly recommend.
  • Your Renew You Coaching Course was everything I needed. I am recommending it to everyone I know. About to sign up for my next course today! Thank you for your work - much needed!
    Linda W.
    Linda W.
  • I just signed up as a VIP Partner & listened to the free e-course; I loved the story you told - it was surely eye opening! I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the amazing work!
    Richard R
    Richard R

How it works:  F.A.Q.

Time To Live Your Dreams is an online realignment center:  where we create custom online coaching tools to teach survivors how to realign & live FREE from past pain and trauma so that you can transform your pain into POWER to build the self confidence to be your authentic self & fulfill your highest potential.

Time To Live Your Dreams is like a school for your soul!  A place to let it go and be free to rewrite your story your way.  It’s our hope that you will discover your inner power to live your dreams and rise to your highest potential in every area of your life!  We believe that’s what true freedom is.

You are free to work in the privacy of your own home at your own pace or you may receive one on one coaching at any time.

Join us – sign up today!


Tracy Kentish is the founder of Time To Live Your Tracy serves as a:  Coach & Realignment Specialist that empowers clients in letting go & being free of hurt & trauma from the past – to  ‘realign‘ their life to walk in their POWER to achieve exactly what they desire most.

Tracy custom created her own online program to support you in breaking free; as well as various other do-it-yourself Coaching tools to support clients in reaching their dreams & standing in the fullness of their authentic power.  Tracy also offers one on one Coaching & Mentoring at any time – for your business or personal growth.

Tracy is honest, sincere, committed and deeply passionate about seeing others become FREE to live their dreams & full potential! She truly wants you to win in life & she will stick by your side and see you through to the finish line. She’s investing her all into ‘you’… are you ready to make that same investment?   If yes… Sign up VIP!  And Take the self evaluation Quiz: HERE!

When your car steering begins to pull to the right or left – you take it to your mechanic for realignment because the tires is causing the steering to pull away from the direction you desire to go.  But where do you go when it’s your ‘life‘ that’s endured the trauma & the trauma has taken you off course of your goals & dreams?  You join us to receive your own personal realignment!

Image this:  You have a dream & you’re working hard, striving straight toward that dream – then ‘LIFE’  (some painful or difficult challenge from your childhood or adult life) happens around you & knocks you off course –  and sometimes it’s a challenge re-aligning back to that path you were originally on.

Sometimes you lose your way; you lose a part of yourself – you get stuck in this cycle & you simply give up & settle for less.  That’s why we ALL need a yearly realignment check! If we can invest in our vehicles – surely we can invest in our own personal realignment!!  Invest in YOU take “The Realignment Check” course!    Sign up today.         Take self evaluation Quiz: HERE!

When you sign up as a VIP Partner for one year, you receive a FREE copy of our signature e-Course titled “The Power of Letting IT Go” (in audio & PDF) and you also receive a free copy of our eBook – titled “The Road to Success”; as well as Part 1 & 2 of our free audio – “You Survived i!”  ($128 value – FREE – which pays for the membership instantly!)

As a VIP Partner, you gain exclusive access to VIP ONLY courses & content.  Plus, VIP Partners receive 10% off all courses; and are eligible for future prizes; discounts; meet & greets & various free content.    If you are serious about living your BEST life & being your BEST self – I am not sure why anyone wouldn’t sign up as a VIP Partner!  ?    Do yourself a favor – invest in YOU!

Great question! 🙂   Your past hurt could have ‘everything’ to do with why you are not living your life & dreams to the absolute fullest.

There are hurts you experience in life that changes you.  If those hurts aren’t properly healed, they will live in you & prevent you from freely moving forward.  You may not even realize that it’s your ‘past’ hurt that’s holding you back – but it could still very well be true.

There is a huge difference from ‘surviving’ a painful experience & ‘overcoming’ a painful experience.   A person can survive abuse or a traumatic event – but never truly ever overcome the experience; which keeps them connected to it & held back from growing in some areas of their life.

But the person who overcomes – is free from the pain of the experience & now uses it to make them stronger & propel them forward into discovering their own passions and life purpose.

A survivor physically lives through the experience – but an overcomer rises above it & uses it!

Join us, sign up today as a VIP Partner and discover how to overcome & live your life to the absolute fullest!

Figuring out what you want in life or how to go after what you want – can be tough!  Making the decision to start your own business & successfully get it off the ground is even tougher!

We are here to support anyone with a dream – entrepreneurs included!

We are here as your Coach & Mentor for things like: brain storming sessions, to bounce ideas off of, to provide feedback, to evaluate the status of your business, create a game plan, create a marketing strategy, review your website & materials, help with a financial strategy or growth strategy – you name it and we will stand with you to help you as best we can – to ensure you succeed!

Simply sign up now as a VIP Partner & let’s get started!

I am here for those who are ready let go of the past & go after their dreams and live their highest potential!

I am here for those who know there is ‘greater‘ on the inside of them – & they desire to walk in the fullness of it.

I am here for those who currently feel unhappy, stuck, unmotivated or unfulfilled.

I am here for those who feel limited by hurts from their past.

If that’s YOU – I feel ‘honored’ to have you here; you matter and now is your time to create the life you dream!  Invest in yourself – you’re worth it.   Sign up today as a VIP Partner & receive our signature e-course free, titled:  The Power of Letting it Go!  (in audio & PDF)

I am NOT here for those who do NOT want more out of life; or those who feel their life is perfect as it is; or those who simply aren’t ready to do the work required to get to where they desire to be.

Of course, I would love to support them too, but as a Coach, I know that a client must WANT the change for themselves.   But… I am always here when they are ‘ready’ to go through the letting go & realignment process.  🙂


Have you ever wanted to sign up for a workshop but the price was way beyond what you could afford to invest at the moment?  Disappointing right? 

That’s why we made our Coaching services super affordable for EVERY budget!   We want as many people as possible – to receive their own personal realignment & live their dreams!

By Coaching online – it allows us to keep our prices super low!  100% of your training can be done online, at your own convenience – and you can sign up for one on one Coaching at any time.    Simply perform an online search and you will see how affordable our Coaching programs truly are.

It’s our goal to take away ‘money‘ as an excuse not to go after your dreams!

Plus, you can always pay it forward to others through our huge selection of gift cards!

You will receive access to our online Coaching Program as well as various supporting Coaching Tools to support you on  your journey of being your best and highest self.

You may work at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home.  You may reach out for one on one private coaching at any time through our 911 Mini Life Line Sessions or our Intense Coaching Sessions.

Our Realignment Coaching Tools embody the tools and resources necessary to transform your life, break old habits & family patterns; heal from unhealthy relationships & past hurts – so you can confidently be your most authentic & powerful self!  We offer:

● Specialized Online Coaching Tools – available 24/7 for personal and professional realignment & growth
● Transformative One-on-One Coaching – customized to suit your specific situation
● Relationship & Business Support – developed for those who’d like to boost their confidence & live their business dreams

It’s time to go after the life you truly desire!  Expect:  support, honesty, compassion, NO judgment & access to life changing tools to create the life you dream.  SIGN UP!

Calling our website ( aka:  ‘The Realignment Center – is our fun and unique way to stay focused on our ultimate end goal.

Since Tracy is the first ever Realignment Specialist – the website is where she performs the ‘realignments’ – through her coaching tools.

As a Realignment Specialist, Tracy’s goal is to inspire & empower as many as she possibly can to realign & let go of the obstacles holding them back – so they can elevate higher & live their full potential.   It’s her mission to provide the tools, the training & the support for you to live your dreams & succeed!

Now – you no longer have to go through it alone!

Ready to Realign, Let it Go & Elevate?  Sign up as a VIP Partner today!  🙂

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Your Business Program exceeded my expectations; provided the insight I needed. Plan to sign up for Mentoring soon! I highly recommend.
Your Renew You Coaching Course was everything I needed. I am recommending it to everyone I know. About to sign up for my next course today! Thank you for your work - much needed!
Linda W.
Linda W.
I just signed up as a VIP Partner & listened to the free e-course; I loved the story you told - it was surely eye opening! I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the amazing work!
Richard R
Richard R